Sweetpop - Unicorn #2/10
Due to the epidemic, people were confined to the city, and the best thing to do was to go out to the nearby suburbs. Therefore, the diverse and enjoyable cultural life that can be enjoyed in the city center is more important than ever. K Museum of Modern Art, riding on this trend, presents “All Cance” as a new summer term. This means that it is a vacation enjoyed at the exhibition. In the summer when everyone is exhausted, the exhibition prepared by the K Museum of Contemporary Art is <Sweet Pop>. The K Museum of Contemporary Art has organized the exhibition with contents full of new stimulation to satisfy those who have dreamed of traveling to enjoy a different experience away from everyday life. K Contemporary Art Museum wanted to introduce pop art that can be met through various media such as visual media, interactive art, painting, and sculpture to more people. Therefore, for those who want to commemorate the exhibition after visiting the <Sweet Pop> exhibition, or for prospective visitors who cannot visit because they are far away, ENFTEE's NFT hall has been opened to share a sweet surprise. First Mint / Sold at
Sweetpop KMCA Unicorn
Price: 8,275.8 TRIX ≒ 96.00$
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